● Reuben Roy

Maya Maam and Sandeep Sir are real lifesavers!! I wanted to learn Rhino and Grasshopper before I left for my masters at UNSW and came across Bluestone TL.
The location of the office is really accessible and the teaching methods are student friendly.
You get a personal Pc to practise rhino whilst class and tutorials post the course to guide you through the whole thing again.(obviously cos we’re going to forget all those tips after a week post class)
The tutors know the software inside out and make grasping it a lot easier.
Ps. Id recommend taking the 40 hours in two weeks and taking a project of yours with you when you join so that you may remember what you did and can practise on it for your studio submissions.
Also ask tons of stupid questions. They don’t judge

●   Minal Chaudhari

Best pace and elaboration
All commands are narrated very nicely and with a understandable pace… Loved the training… Good Going Guys.

●   Radhika Ch

Very satisfying
Every command is explained in detail and understandable way. In addition to that mam helped me with my queries also whenever I have doubts.