• Canvas
    Main toolbar, Editing Tool, Time Display, Track List, Scrubbing, Timeline, Marker Bar, The Transport and Editing Toolbar
  • Working with projects
    Creating a new project, Setting project properties, Opening a project or media file, Saving and renaming a project, Adding layered PSD files to the timeline and Creating a picture slideshow
  • Adding, managing, and arranging media
    Inserting audio tracks, Inserting video tracks, Creating selections and positioning the cursor, Moving events, Automatic crossfades, Enable snapping, Cutting, copying, and pasting events, Deleting events, Trimming events, Splitting events, Adjusting an event’s length
  • Expanded edit mode
    Panning and cropping video events, Reversing an event, Audio channels, Undoing and redoing edit operations, Zooming and magnification, Adding Generated Media
  • Using markers, regions, and commands
    Inserting markers, Inserting regions, Using media markers and regions, Keyframe animation, Applying effects, Adding audio track effects, Editing audio effects, Adding video effects, Adding transitions,
  • Creating text and titles
    Using the Titles & Text Plug-In Mixing audio
  • Rendering the project
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