Rhino for Architecture Classroom Training


Duration: 40 Hrs



We have created a comprehensive course with projects for you to learn Rhino for Architecture.

Rhino is strong in surfaces. We will initially cover the Interface, Navigation and Display to have a base understanding of the software. The next step is where you will be introduced to Modelling Aids and the understanding between lines, curves, surfaces and solids. Having understood the basics, we will then learn all about curves, surfaces and solids. We will finally learn all about giving dimensions and creating layouts for presentations. This will be followed by understanding of meshes, tools, rendering and animation.

To complete your understanding we will then undertake 8 projects together.


Course Name : Rhino for Architecture

Chapter 1 – Interface, Navigation, Display

Chapter 2 – Modeling Basics

Chapter 3 – Curve Creation

Chapter 4 – Curve Editing

Chapter 5 – Points from Curves

Chapter 6 – Surface Creation

Chapter 7 – Curves from Objects

Chapter 8 – Curve Edit Tools

Chapter 9 – Surface Editing

Chapter 10 – Solid Creation

Chapter 11 – Surface Edit Tools

Chapter 12 – Edge Edit Tools

Chapter 13 – Solid Editing

Chapter 14 – Solid Edit Tools

Chapter 15 – Transformation and Deformation Tools

Chapter 16 – Dimensions & Layouts

Chapter 17 – Analyze

Chapter 18 – Mesh

Chapter 19 – Tools

Chapter 20 – Rendering & Animation

Projects – 8

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