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This is a comprehensive course of Clayoo for Rhino in Hindi. This course includes usage of Sub-divisional modelling within the Rhino environment. The course will also cover the usage of Ebossing for coins and Sculpting to create intricate detailing in design.

Duration: 20 Hrs
Subscription: 3 Months

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This course of Clayoo has been designed specifically for creation of Temple Jewellery and Idols.

The course starts with the interface and proceeds to give in-depth knowledge of the Sub-division module. This covers the modification of mesh by faces, edges and vertices.

Next, the course covers the Emboss module. This can be used extensively in designing of 2.5D coins, murals and other such creations.

Finally, we embark on the Sculpting module where we can give the work done in Sub-division or Embossing module the final finishing – detailing touches using different types of brushes.

By working in the Rhino environment, integrating this design with native Rhino becomes very easy.


Course name : Clayoo for Rhino

Chapter 1 – Interface

Chapter 2 – Subdivision Modelling

Chapter 3 – Embossing

Chapter 4 – SculptingProjects

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