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Learn the fundamentals of Grasshopper and go on to create amazing complicated parametric geometry !
    Learn Grashopper 3d
Course : Grasshopper
Duration  : 40 hours
Fees : Rs. 20000/-
Contents :  
  - Introduction, Interface, Grasshopper Objects
  - Data Matching, Numerical Data sets, On Points and Point Grids,
  Other Numerical Sets
  - Functions, Boolean Data types, Cull Patterns, Geometrical Patterns
  - Vectors and planes, Curves and linear geometries, Attractors
  - One Dimensional (1D), Two Dimensional (2D) Parametric Space,
  Transition between spaces, Basic Parametric Components,
  Curve Evaluation, Surface Evaluation, Object Proliferation in Parametric Space
  - Deformation and Morphing, Panelization, Micro Level Manipulations,
  Responsive Modulation
  - Datasheets, Graph mapper, Exporting data, Cutting based Fabrication


Learn Grasshopper Learn Grasshopper


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