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  3D Printing Course using FDM technology
For Architecture
For Product Design
For Jewelry
For Jewelry
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for Architecture
for Product Design
for Architecture
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Learn how to model a basic 3D model, check it, 3D Print it and clean it to get your own 3D Printed output.
Course : 3D Printing Course using FDM technology
Duration  : 20 hours
Fees : Rs. 8500/-
Contents :  
  - Introduction to modelling

3D views
Using primitives
Creating basic objects using curves and surfaces
Using save, export
Checking and Fixing
Scale & Measurements
Checking Wall Thickness
Fixing Wall Thickness
Checking open objects, bad objects, volume centroid
Overhangs And Support

  - Pre-processing

Joining into one piece
Making Your Object Manifold
Determining weight and time of printing
Managing the material
Pre-Heating the bed

  - Printing

Placing the objects

  - Post-processing

Removal of supports
Cleaning of printer and parts



3D Printed penstand  



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